June was a busy month and other than the trip to pick up the cowl, no work on the N17. I have since completed the bracket attachments on the upper wing ribs. I then moved on to forming the lower wing ribs.

Before starting on the lower ribs, I had to test the fit of my propeller to the engine hub. Nice.

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Then on to the lower ribs. Since I changed the profile (thinner) I had to fiddle with the bend of the upper ribs as I could not find a single bend on the fixture that would do what I wanted. A little tweaking of each part was required. But they came out nice.

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Then to cut the shape on the nose.

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Then I built the fixtures for attaching the brackets that tie the ribs to the spars. At this point I have not cut the tails of the ribs.

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Today is office work day again, so little or no work today.

I need to set up the drill fixture to cut the tails to fit 1/2" tubing. Also I have not yet made the L brackets, so I have to do that next. Then I will attach one set of brackets and check it against the actual spars for correct spacing before attaching the remainder.