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Thread: Air bike Tandem- getting started

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    Thanks Clint. Nice looking airframe! Still progressing on the build? I still haven’t started my build, I don’t want to start until I find someone to build in parallel, or help. I am planning on practicing my welding on thin chromoly. Care to share your weld procedure. Are you preheating at all? Back purging inside of tube? What filler er-70s-2 or er-80s-D2? Sizes?

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    Created Facebook group.

    I created a Facebook group for the AirBike since I couldnít find one. Iím sure it will be slow but maybe we can get some builder owners connected.

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    Hi All

    My Name is Gavin vd Berg i am Scratch building a Tandem Airbike here in South Africa.
    I am requesting some assistance - The plans i got are short a few vital pages and they have got some serious water damage on them.
    I am looking for the page where the Control rods etc are shown with dimensions and all that.
    I can send pics of what i am working with if proof is required. Been trying for a few months now to get either a digital copy or even a photo of the pages so i can get the dimensions and a better view as mine are as bout useful as loo paper to me.

    Any form of assistance is welcome.

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    Hi Gavin,

    I have all the plans for the Tandem Airbike if you still need.
    Let me know.



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