Hey EAA Family,
I hope you are all getting your wings ready for another flying season (if you are up north anyways). I was finally able to post the second half of my adventures with Cassidy and Lynne from KHXF to KMWC. As you can expect based on the last video, we had a blast.

Cassidy DID start to cry after she started flying the plane, but I think it was just a combination of intense concentration and an air vent blowing on her face. I WAS legitimately concerned at first.

I make a joke in the video about internet trolls that I'm expecting to take apart every video I've made, but so far everyone has been really great about everything - so thanks for all of your support.
A few things learning points to checkout in this one:
  • More radio ridiculousness (someone DID just post the Pilot/Controller glossary for me on YouTube.... lol).
  • A checklist that was run but not... checked? (see if you can find the item I missed).
  • A demonstration of yaw and it's effect of passenger comfort.

Thanks in advance for watching! I've got an episode about my OSH 2017 experience coming up soon!