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Thread: lift strut fairings

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    lift strut fairings

    I have a Skyraider SRII and was wondering if anyone has anyone bent there own lift strut fairings to streamline the strut tubes,i know you can buy the plastic ones but there fairly expensive and i have a bunch of .020 aluminum strips that are the right dimension and also some .015,and if some one did how you attached them.Thanks.

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    Here's an article about making them from hot-wired blue polystyrene foam and PVC tarp repair tape. You could certainly do something similar with thin aluminum sheet wrapped around foam or wood "ribs" rather than full-length foam plugs because the aluminum would require less support. Perhaps three, 3/4" balsa or light pine ribs per strut (ends and middle) with the end ribs epoxied in place once you're happy with the positioning?
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    I know it's not what you're asking, but....

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    Again, not what you are asking, but I have seen the streamlining done with balsa wood as a form with dacron fabric and dope covering on it. One could do the same by gluing urethane foam block to the round struts and shape them very quickly with a sander, then wrap with dacron fabric and dope the fabric, or as suggested by Cluttonfred cut polystyrene foam, then use dacron fabric with Stewart system glue and finishing.

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    Here's a report on Jack Hart's foam and fabric strut fairings on a Kolb Firefly. Lots of other good stuff on his Firefly page, not all of which is just Firefly specific.

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