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Thread: Taking Nervous First Time Passengers for a Flight - VIDEO

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    Ryan, others may have their own way, but far as I know "three green or three in the green" normally means 3 gear down for landing. I'd prefer to look at oil temp and pressure, suction at run up, to know if its right before takeoff roll and I would mostly look out at the runway when I started takeoff. In some planes, tailwheeel for instance, I prefer not to look down to the panel except perhaps brief power and airspeed check. As for suction,again if there is a need for gyros like night or imc, I'd want to verify it before takeoff run.Fuel flow might be one to look at, maybe.
    Did you switch seats so the other lady go to fly the 2nd leg? And a suggestion, if you are going to move to complex, start now using gear down as part of your landing check., may even simulate moving the lever.
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