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Thread: whats your dream project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Haney View Post
    If you had unlimited funding what kinda crazy stuff would you guys build?
    I'd make a homebuilt glider and beat Perlan to 100,000 feet.
    Bob Kuykendall
    HP-24 kit sailplane project

    HP-24 Project Facebook Page
    EAA Technical Counselor

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    No question. I would hire Boeing to build 5 more B-314s!

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    I would build a flying version of my 75% P-39 mockup that hangs in my hangar.

    Vince Homer
    EAA 292

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    My dream project is to build the the Tucano Replica manufactured by Flying Legends out of Italy. It is a 76% scale down version of the Tucano Warbird used by a plethora of nations.
    This project is actually going to be my next build. I guess if I had an unlimited budget, I would like to reproduce the P-38 at 60 % scale. That would be pretty cool

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    Id build an exact replica of a JN-4 Jenny

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    Have you started your Tucano project? I would like too see on in any form of completion.

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    I have upgraded my 70% P-39 mock-up.
    -Added stub wings with main gear legs and wheels
    -Replaced the Mazda engine with a Buick/Rover 215 V-8
    -Installed a Casales reduction unit in the nose
    -Put on the doors.
    -Repainted a chromate green

    It's still just a mock-up and most likely won't get built any further than this. But, it does look better now.

    I also put together a mock-up of the cockpit of an ME-262 in 55% scale. I should have made it 65% as it a bit tight. The ducted fan unit is currently under development.

    Vince Homer

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    Dig the P-39. Big money project for me would be a full scale Boeing P-12 or F4B.

    On a more realistic note, it would be fun to do a modernized version of the old radically chopped Clipped Wind Cubs like the Meyers M-1, but with a composite cantilever wing.

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    We still see Clip-wong Cubs competing in IAC Primary and Sportman. You can easily take a Wag-Aero Cub kit and build the most modern Clip-wing that you want.

    Best of luck,


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