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Thread: Homebuilt Powered Paraglider Quad

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    Finally renewed my EAA membership....

    Thanks to fhu677 for the Green Eagle reality check - I'm presuming you have the PPG version - true? I'm doing a PPC, so some thing are different (like my feet are used for parachute steering).

    OK, I tried my brake steering idea, and the previous poster who mentioned skidding gets the prize. I'll post a picture of my test rig - it was good to finally build something. I've also got a piece of aluminum in the lathe to make a brake rotor adapter for the wheelbarrow wheels, so pictures coming of that too.

    Great to be back, Michael

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    Hi folks!

    Osh21 is reviving my enthusiasm for this project, so I'd like to revive this thread. I've made a bit of progress since the last post (notice, it was just prior to Covid Mania). I've spoken with a project manager friend, and he recommended some free project management tools to plan how to proceed. I general:

    1) I'm going to do an aircart build first to test subsystems out using my baby redrive.
    2) I'll also work on the frame design. I'd prefer to use an existing design, but it
    looks like those are hard/impossible to find. I've found some aircraft structural
    textbooks to start reading.

    OK, that's it for now. As Mike Patey says, "time to get to work!"

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