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Thread: Homebuilt Powered Paraglider Quad

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    Carbon Fiber wings

    I have a set of carbon fiber wings from a Swift glider. Can someone push me in the right direction to sell them?
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    Whoops! I think you accidentally hijacked my build thread lima tango - please post in a new topic.

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    OK, here are a couple high load rating tandem wings I'm thinking about (input welcome):

    Bi-shuttle 41: (837 lb. load rating)

    Gin 42 trike: (813 lb. load rating) don't know if this is available in the US?

    Any other suggestions? I'm going to start a topic post on Paraglider wing vs. parachute wing and post the link here. As per my previous, I'm doing small posts on individual issues and posting the results here.

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    OK, this one is a PPC configuration with an optional 350kg load:
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    the updated link for the Apco wing:

    and the connection spacing specs (finally!):

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    OK folks - I'm going to try posting here first and may start a new thread if I don't get any responses.

    The uncontrolled airport nearest me is not level. In fact, it goes downhill for half the length and uphill for the rest. So, I think I'll need brakes to control my PPC during takeoff and landing.

    I'm thinking about using differential braking on my quad to steer the PPC on the ground. I'd put the discs on the rear wheels of the quad. I'm thinking I'd use Azusa 8 inch wheels:

    With Shimano hydralic disc brakes and 8 inch (or smaller) discs:

    I would prefer not to caster the front wheels - do you folks think this setup would provide enough ground steering?

    Thanks, Michael

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Miles View Post
    I would prefer not to caster the front wheels - do you folks think this setup would provide enough ground steering?
    If the front wheels are fixed, they will have to slide across the surface to change direction, no?

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    Yes, but that would be true of any quad wheel system that does not have fully articulated wheels which align the the turning radius. One way to think of it working in the extreme is locking one wheel then all the other wheels would pivot around that wheel. If one wheel is braked while they are all moving then it would follow a larger arc.

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    Back in the Racing Seat

    OK, I'm back on the project with some progress in Solidworks - love the support here on the EAA forums - thanks folks!

    I was thinking about using a race car fuel cell for the safety features, and Solidworks helped me identify a possible issue (the filler hole is dead center in the top - hard to get to). The models were all on grabcad, and I just did some scaling:
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    I have a Green Eagle, and it would be a disastrous problem to not be able to steer. That goes for both take off and landing. Not every time, but a lot of times you'll need steering to stay upright. Not so much while you're in the air

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