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Thread: First flight- Breezy N1879B

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    Fantastic job, Jeff. Watching the YouTube video makes me want to build one.
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    Thanks a million Jeff - makes perfect sense.

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    "For a first flight- the CG is placed smack in the middle of the envelope." I am helping a friend who purchased a BREEZY and has made an engine/prop modification. We have weighed the plane and I made a spreadsheet to calculate the CG, but I can find no information on what the Forward and Aft limits should be, so I don't know what the envelope is. Are the limits in the plans information? The new owner might have that.

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    What you really need is the CG range of the wing that your Breezy uses. There have been a variety of wings used over the years so if you could find that out it would be a good start. Mine uses a Cub wing (from Wag Aero plans) and I used the CG range from those plans. Start in the middle of the range and work your way out. I ultimately did the entire test sequence from the EAA manual at both the fore and aft limits. I could have pushed it even farther but there was no need.
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