After nearly nine years, thousands of hours and more than a few cubic kilodollars, on Saturday Aug. 26 I took the Breezy up for the first flight. The airplane performed well with no major squawks save for a minor oil leak and some intercom adjustments.

I built N1879B from the standard Breezy plans with only a couple small modifications including larger tail area and modifications to the front seat to accommodate my 6'3 frame. All work was done by me. Wings are Wag Aero Sportsman 2+2 wood rib/ spar. Covering and painting is Stewart Systems. Motor is an O-200 from a wrecked homebuilt, major overhauled by me with some performance mods (Lycon 9:1 pistons, C90 cam, electronic ignition.) Prop is by Ed Sterba. Empty weight is 801 lbs, not bad for a Breezy with starter, battery and alternator.

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I also put together a video that covers the building and first flight. Nine years condensed into 15 minutes. I hope you enjoy it.