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    Firewood Source

    I'll be heading out next Friday evening for setup at Scholler on Saturday morning. Last year I bought firewood twice from the camp stores, and... well, that gets pretty darned expensive at the rates they are charging. Also, not sure where they are getting their wood, but there was definitely a strange chemical smell while it burned.

    Anyhow, since I'll be there for the full meal deal and will be using the fire to cook food in the evening, I'm looking for a better, cheaper source of firewood. I understand (and respect) the limitation for local firewood.

    A) Where's a good place to get local firewood?
    B) How do I prove that said wood is local?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I am in the same boat. Camp store wood was crazy expensive. In the past I have looked at Oshkosh Craigslist for locally sourced firewood but never ended up doing it as for a couple fires it was just not worth it. If you are going to buy buying a larger quantity CL may be a good option for you.

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    Some of the gas stations around the area carry firewood. Might be a little cheaper.

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    I don't think the EAA is inspecting your firewood. The law says you can't transport in firewood so that's why they put it in the camping rules. There's good reason for this. DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD IN FROM OUTSIDE THE AREA. I think most of the grocery's and home centers around have bundles of firewood. I think that as mentioned a lot of the convenience stores have it as well.

    A little googlilng found one local firewood dealer:
    All Seasons Landscaping and Firewood
    619 E Nevada Ave
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin, WI 54901

    (920) 379-3029

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    Hello everyone,

    Just a heads-up, Red One Market on the AirVenture grounds will be selling firewood for $5.99 this year, which should be an affordable and convenient option for anyone staying at Camp Scholler.


    Sam Oleson
    EAA Social Media Coordinator

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingRon View Post
    I have no intention of doing so. I've been camping a really long time, and know well the ramifications of transporting firewood.

    Thanks for the contact info for the firewood dealer. I'll give them, and Craigslist, a look-see.

    I'm glad that they dropped the prices for the firewood to $5.99. I'll go through that bundle every night, though.

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    Charcoal would be much cheaper, although, I do appreciate the ambience of a good fire !

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    hI have been camping in Scholler since 1980. Over those years, many times I brought in my own firewood for camp fires. We invited anyone and everyone around our campsite to join us nightly for a sit-around-fire. During that period of time the State of Wisconsin has experienced Dutch Elm Disease, Birch Blight, Oak Wilt, Hickory Bark Beetles and now Emerald Ash Borers. Just as an example, the Emerald Ash Beetle will only naturally migrate 2 miles per year. By transporting firewood that has not been inspected and approved, it can be transported hundreds of miles in a single day or the equivalent of 50 years in nature. Like everything, prices are determined by supply and demand. We have been buying from a local gas station on the West frontage road about 10 minutes away from Camp Scholler the last few years. Charging $6 inside the camp, you will find, depending on the size of the bundle, to be very reasonable. Enjoy your stay!

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