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Thread: Engine Mount Resources

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    Engine Mount Resources

    What resources are available from EAA, or elsewhere, to help someone design a new engine mount? Like, how you determine materials & thicknesses to make the mount strong enough, but not add a lot of weight, etc.

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    Most engine mounts are made of 3/4" OD chromoly tubing tubing. A wall thickness of .049 is fine for most engines in most airplanes. If you have a particularly heavy engine or plan on doing a lot of aerobatics you probably want to increase the wall thickness to .058. You can get pre-welded Dynafocal mount rings from Aircraft Spruce, Wicks, etc. that will make you life much easier. Don't forget to consider the cant and down angle of the engine when designing your mount. You can look at Tony Bingelis's book, Firewall Forward for more information, too.

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    What engine do you want to mount, and what firewall will it be hung on? If you tell us what engine and where it's going, someone may have done it or something really close to it already.
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