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There is a fellow named "Tim Callinan" on YouTube, and he has about 20 SOLIDWORKS training videos on his channel. Here is his SOLIDWORKS playlist. He's an instructor at a Community College out east, and is an EXCELLENT teacher. He's been using it for 10+ years, and it most definitely shows. I think his videos run about 35-40 hours in total, ranging from super-simple, to quite advanced. There are techniques in them for just about everything a person would need to do for aircraft construction.

As I struggled for ~5 days looking for quality training material that DID NOT cost thousands of dollars, this is BY FAR the simplest and fastest way to get spun up with SOLIDWORKS. I do have a substantial background in CAD (AutoCAD and SketchUp), but this walks you through the user interface very nicely and I'm up and running complex 3D models after only ~3hrs of his videos.