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I recently installed this EAA Solidworks in my Dell laptop, Win 7-64 bit. I had no issues installing the program. Also no issue with opening Solidworks. But when I went to open a new drawing the program just crashed, repeatedly. I found a diagnostic stating the NVIDIA Gforce 9800M GTX display card is not on some list. This display card works fine for every other program but apparently not with Solidworks.
NVIDIA Gforce GTX video cards have not been tested with SOLIDWORKS. It is hit or miss as to when they will work or not. We had those running on our computers in the museum lab last year and they worked fine for doing the tutorials in SOLIDWORKS, so long as they had enough video RAM. Yours only has 2GB, whereas ours were the 1070s with 8GB. SOLIDWORKS has tested AMD FirePro and NVIDIA Quadros and recommends 8GB+. I love NVIDIA and they were nice enough to donate Quadro cards to EAA since we are a non-profit and these are our Air Academy computers, but AMD FirePros can give you better performance at lower price points. I do trust NVIDIA reliability a bit more, though.