Hi All,

While being grounded for the past many months with a cracked engine block
on my Europa, and very slow progress on 1953 PA22/20 restoration,
I have been amusing myself by writing software (and teaching kids to
restore tube and rag classic aircraft, but thats a story for another day!).

Allow me to introduce avAltimeter

Not many many people are aware that in the iPhone 6 and later, Apple
has incorporated a Bosch barometer chip. I recently released to the
App Store a unique app which emulates an analog flight altimeter with
a number of "smart" features including a Kollsman window for setting
the current pressure, calculation of Density Altitude, true airspeed and
takeoff performance. The App also provides a warning for supplemental
oxygen consistent with US FARs. The latest version of the app, now allows
entry of the Altimeter Setting (QNH) in millibars or in inches of mercury,
and allows display of altitude and density altitude in Feet or Meters.

Obviously avAltimeter is not FAA TSO approved and so I provide it for
entertainment only. At present it can only be run on iPhone 6 and later,
and not even iPads or iPods since they lack the Bosch chip.

I understand the new Samsung Galaxy S7 now has a barometer chip as
well and I plan to transfer the code to Android in the near future.

My software web site is http://www.aviametrix.com
or search for "avAltimeter" on the Apple App Store!

Thanks for your attention!