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Thread: Revmaster engine for sale by EAA Chapter42 in Anchorage Alaska

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    Revmaster engine for sale by EAA Chapter42 in Anchorage Alaska

    Our chapter wound up with an extremely new looking Revmaster engine, as far as we know it has been in a garage for years and is essentially new. Its complete with Dual Mag and Starter and Carb and exhaust etc.
    See pictures attached, its for sale against best offer, This thing is squeaky clean inside and out.
    Call me 907 229 6792, do not text please.
    Best Regards,
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    Just to get the ball rolling...

    I'll offer you $300, since I'm assuming there's no logbook and this engine's past is a complete mystery, other than languishing in someone's garage for some time. But wait, there's more! I'll add $100 to that if you crate it for truck shipment. Shipping from Anchorage to New Hampshire won't be cheap, so it isn't worth it for me to offer you more. I'll also need the weight and dimensions of the loaded crate for arranging the shipping. Hopefully, someone in AK will step up to the plate and outbid me...

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    hello is this still available? can you email me as im in Australia.bryantraynor174@gmail.comBryan

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