From Cubs To Clippers

This book is for anyone who loves aviation and airplanes, it is the biography of a Pan Am pilot who tells his story how he achieved the coveted position as a Captain on one of the worlds foremost airlines, Pan American World Airways. As a kid from the streets of New York to the far corners of the globe, from fighting fires in Alaska to charters to Mexico.
and everything in between. Its a fascinating adventurer tale that will inspire those looking to join the ranks of pilots around the world.

1. After strapping her in her seat, I made a quick takeoff and headed for Fairbanks post haste. About 10 miles from landing I heard moans from the back, not good. Nothing I could do but to call Fairbanks tower and advise them of the situation.......

2. It was dark when the lights of Santa Monica airport came into view, I called the tower and they told me the wind was 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph surprisingly it was smooth at 3000 feet, but as I let down for the final approach the airplane was hit with extreme turbulence, it was everything I could do to keep it upright, as I approached the runway the.......