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Thread: Jack Norris's (Cancelled) 4 Forums - Message from Him

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    Exclamation Jack Norris's (Cancelled) 4 Forums - Message from Him

    Jack was unable, at the last minute, to attend AV this year and he's very sorry to have missed it and his 4 presentations. He still plans to be here next year. He's actively developing new and interesting versions of his two presentations which are about the subject matter in his dual-content, back-to-back book.

    You can still write to him (snail mail only) at the address on the website: . The book can still be purchased directly from him. I will be at the venues for the three remaining forums, briefly, to chat with anyone who shows up in error.

    He sends this message (these are his words with no editing):

    Jack, usually a Young 87, no klutz, had a Fluke Accident, that easily could have been disastrous, falling down a flight of stairs, a Huge Gift, just some badly torn muscles, that will take more weeks to heal, OSH 2015 out of reach timewise!!! Jack had planned to make it but that was not finally realistic. Jack sends his best, had Great Presentations for You! Come Next Year, when we can teach you even more!!! Get his Double Book, purposely inexpensive, a "Giveback" for an extraordunary life, more fun than anyone, over a half Century! Each Year Jack adds more Insight upfront, and soon he'll announce an update package on an updated book website!.


    Howard, for launching interest, an easy, safe, concise opportunity, that shouldn't be missed, and Gary for insight. Gary the losses are so gross and variable that we should not promise accuracy, rather looking for possible, maybe probable makeup. The highly variable plane speeds vs power tell us what the core numbers must be! Good Planes starting with Rv's, can be coaxed to 200 MPH, at 160 HP stretched, DOGS falling all the way down near 100 + when terrible!

    Jack Norris, a bit of Insight.

    Easy to Know, Friendly, Jack has had more Fun Than Anyone, Creating -- a long, Easily Proven World Class Pro, who's created the leading edge 17 times across multiple fields! 3 1/2 Billion Passengers, half the Planets population have safely flown his Boeing Hydraulic Flight Controls! All early Astronauts too having founded the Corporate Division that designed the majority of the Valves and Regulators for the Very dangerous Hypergolic Fuels, Oxidizers, and pressurization Gasses for the Maneuvering Rockets on the Mercury Gemini, and Apollo in the Milestones of Flight Gallery, The Central Hall of The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. 107 of his Products are there, 76 on every Apollo. Yes they worked after the Oxygen System Explosion!
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