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Thread: North Carolina to Oshkosh or bust...

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    Goggles North Carolina to Oshkosh or bust...

    Howdy Folks,

    My name is Cody, I'm the president of EAA 1426 in Hillsville, VA. I live in Sparta and will be driving to Oshkosh leaving the 18th and returning the 27th or so. I have a Volvo Station Wagon with ample room for two people. Is anyone in the N.W. NC or S.W. VA area interested in coming? You pay your share of gas (about $110 I figure if I get two people). I can pick you up if it isn't far off my route.

    As long as you are a good ol' fashioned conservative person, Im happy to have you along. I just hope you don't mind bluegrass...

    Anyone up for it?

    Thanks and cheers,
    Cody H.

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    Also, even if no one takes me up on the ride...

    Would anyone that is headed up there be willing split a campsite?

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    Some where in the South Pacific,I also do Flyovers for the Green Bay Packers Home Games,GO PacK GO!!
    You might want to also post your offer on Rideshare

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    Hi Cody -

    Be sure to post your ride offer here as well:

    And a friendly reminder: no politics on EAA Forums.



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    when did bluegrass become political? Hal, you a closet disco fan?

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    I have no intention of talking politics. I was simply stating who I was willing to take.

    Thanks for telling me about the rideshare page folks.

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    At least the weather won't be much an issue for you. Drive safe, hope you find someone.

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