Hi All, I am posting here just for the simple fact that we will not be able to make it to Air venture this year. My wife and I have pored all we have into the Performance 103 CS Weight shift Ultralight project and just barley have enough money to keep our lights on. We are however at the end of building our "shop" UL. All is going perfect, we did a hang test today and i was able to sit in the UL with the engine mounted and the test went perfect.

For those of you who do not even know what we are talking about you can go to our Facebook page Here!! Performance Products LLC!! and LIKE our page, or you can go to our page on Youtube and see all the videos we have posted over the last 4 years on the tooling construction and the build of our shops production Ultralight.

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we are currently taking orders so give me a buzzz at 208-761-8244 or send me an email at sales@performance103.com

if anybody knows of other ultralight airshows to go to this year can you please let me know.