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Thread: Bring your ear plugs

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    Bring your ear plugs

    I was in Oshkosh last weekend, talked to the guy that owns the house we rent for the week of air adventure.
    He informed me that this year air Adventure and Rock America happen on the same weekend ( the friday and sat before air adventure starts on monday)
    the house is between the north 40 and Pioneer airport--even though Rock America is on the other side of the highway, it sounds like its in his back yard!!!!
    Lasts until very late at night---So if you come to Oshkosh early that week---BRING YOUR EAR PLUGS--if you want to get any sleep

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    This is correct. Rock USA ( takes place July 15-18, while EAA AirVenture Oshkosh ( runs July 20-26. Early campers will most definitely be able to hear the concerts. If you like rock, it might be an added incentive to come early. If you don't like rock, pack your ear plugs!


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    Zack, why did they move Airventure a week earlier this year, this has created quite a problem for me this year as my 40 th anniversary falls on opening day and I usually try to arrive a day before opening. As you can see this presents a problem. I have tried to talk my wife into spending such a wonderful occasion at Oshkosh in my luxurios 2 person tent, to include fine dining at any time at one of the many food concessions on field to be followed with a daily trip to the Spa at the new bath house in the North Forty. All this to be followed by a quiet evening sitting in our fold up chairs on the front porch of our tent and listening to the lovely sounds of Oshkosh in the evening. To be awoken in the morning by the sweet beautiful sounds of P-51's rolling for takeoff over the tent. Even with all these promises I still sense some reluctance on her part. I realized we might have an issue when she informed me that she has her lawyer on speed dial and will not hesitate to make a call. I am officially asking for help as I have exhausted the many reasons she should attend with me. Know a good divorce lawyer ????.

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    Divorce lawyers are very nasty and expensive beings. Your anniversary and mine are the same day. Really! May I suggest a much less expensive and mutually desirous solution.

    Make reservations and take her out to a magnificent place for an anniversary dinner and whatever else she would like to do prior to your departure date.
    It's obvious that your luxurious amenities are not welcomed and your wife is not exactly enamored with the idea of 15 sq. ft. of muggy(maybe shloshy) July Oshkosh terrestrial joy. She'll be happy and impressed you were so considerate and thoughtful. And you'll be happy and guilt free to be at Osh without your wife.

    And who knows, you might get lucky!

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    Zack, I concur with vaflier's question. 2 friends who go every year put in for vacation time for the wrong week, I have been wondering myself, makes things seem out of sync after attending the same week since 1984....
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    Anniversary during OSH. I'm glad I am not the only one with that issue. I can leave a little early and be home Saturday this year. Most years we just celebrate a little early or a little later. What was I thinking when she came up with the date?????

    I suggested having her come to OSH too. She hasn't yet, but she never gives me any grief. DAM she is a good woman!

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    As I understand it (and please keep in mind that I'm only a messenger here), the reason the dates were moved is because there are a number of EAA members from various states that were having to leave the convention early in order to get their kids home in time for the start of school. For those without kids, if you didn't already know, school start dates vary from state to state, especially with more and more charter schools. The intent is for the convention to fall entirely within the last full week of July from here on out to help make it more accessible to families.


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    Sorry that the date change screws up some folks plans, actually better for me because at the end of any given month I gotta be back at the business sending out afford flying. EAA did announce the dates way ahead of time for planning, hope all can make it.

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    It's really good to know that I'm not the only one that will be celebrating his wedding anniversary on opening day! My wife was pretty good about it. I said, "Honey, we probably wouldn't have celebrated on a Monday anyway. We only live in Green Bay so we can celebrate Sunday night and then I can head there Monday morning. She only takes issue with me wanting to sit and watch the web cams/live ATC for hours on end two days before I go!

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    My mother spent 37 of her birthdays camping in a tent at Oshkosh, what an amazing woman.
    I wish Queensryche was playing later in the week, I would head over to see them.

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