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Thread: Gday its a new Aviation Show From Australia!

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    Thumbs Up Gday its a new Aviation Show From Australia!

    Gday from Australia to fellow aviators!

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    I have started a new show (podcast) in Australia focusing on stories related
    general and recreational (light sport and other types of sport flying). I have 5 episodes released so far. My aim is to increase the awareness and popularity of sport aviation within Australia.

    If you get a free moment I would be appreciative if you had a listen!

    Click here for the Podcast Episodes released so far

    Click here to listen on iTunes

    The episodes I have released so far are:

    1. Chat with a Private Pilot about his flight training
    2. Circuit Training and Procedures at an Uncontrolled Airfield
    3. Kit Building Tips (Talking about building Jabiru aircraft)
    4. Starting an Australian aircraft manufacturing company with Howard Hughes
    5. Interview with a Trike Pilot

    I am just about to finish my recreational pilots certificate (Light Sport) and am loving being involved in Aviation. I am a big fan of a lot of the aviation podcasts in the USA including the airplane geeks, uncontrolled airspace, pilots journey, in the pattern and the stuck mic avcast.

    I am looking for guests to talk about aviation so please send me a message on the forum or via my website.

    I am very keen for feedback so please get in touch with me.

    Thanks for reading

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    This is one of the Jabirus that I have been learning to fly

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    The 6th episode of the Go Flying Australia Show was released yesterday!

    I would love to hear any feedback on the shows so far, i.e.: what do you want to hear more of?

    On todays episode I talk with Carl Stebbings who is a UK based Student Pilot (PPL), Aviation Enthusiast and host of the Plane Talking UK Podcast.

    Click here for the Ep 6 show notes

    Link to Itunes to listen for Apple device users

    Previous Episode Links:

    Episode 001 Flight Training Experiences with Adam Yavner (Private Pilot)

    Episode 002 Circuit Training and Procedures

    Episode 003 Kit Building Tips

    Episode 004 Australian Lightwing designer Howard Hughes

    Episode 005 Interview with Peter Counsell Trike (Microlight) Pilot and owner of TrikeMag

    Thank you so much to all of the forum members who have contacted me with their feedback so far.

    I would love to hear some feedback!


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