Name is Steve, I'm a new, old member, previously of Chapter 62 in San Jose 40 years ago. Just started on a Buccaneer 2 project, the fat ultralight amphibian that evolved into Aventura 2. I'm looking for any information, recommendations from members with direct experience in this aircraft. The project is in early build phase, plenty of time to integrate changes and upgrades. A few specific questions, This plane has the spray rails on the hull. how are they attached and can they be glassed in? Are benefits worth the added weight? I also would like some information on actual performance. The "book" says they stall in the mid to high 30 mph range, yet nearly all discussions I have found claim stall clean to be more like 50 mph. That is a rather large discrepancy. If i lived in Florida I'm sure I could find some local direct feedback. Unfortunately, I reside in southwest Washington where these things are somewhat rare. Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated. Any fellow Buccaneer 2 or Aventura 2 owners in the area of Oregon or Washington?