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Thread: Callie Wood where are you?

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    Question Callie Wood where are you?

    Please pardon they typo. Title should read Callbie Wood where are you?

    I am interested in building a Whitman Tailwind with the Callbie Wood aluminum wing. Does anyone know if Mr. Wood's plans are still available? I have sent letters to the two addresses (one a street address, and the other a PO box) that I found on the internet and have received no replies.

    Also, does anyone know of a current source for the Jim Clement mods for the W-10?
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    He's at the Tailwind Forum....

    Where YOU should be if your going to build a Tailwind...

    Don't forget to get the Jim Clement "MOD" package...

    He's monitoring that site too...
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    PS Below is a picture of Wittman's design.... 1938 Buttercup.....
    I have Tailwind prints too.... so it's a blend of both....
    You might say.... Buttwind
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