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Thread: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields website

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    In the past year, entries for an additional 89 airfields have been added to the "Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields" website at This brings the site's coverage to a total of 2,716 airfields, across all 50 states.

    Recent entries include new additions describing former airfields such as Vicnent Airfield WI, Petaluma Sky Ranch Airport CA, Sunnyrest Airfield PA, Charleston View Airfield CA, (Original) Thermopolis Airport WY, Old Savage Mine Airfield NM, Hidden Hills Ranch Airfield NV, Deering Airport (original location) AK, (Original) Virginia Beach Airport VA, Thalia Airport VA, Lyon Airport OH, Ute Dam Airfield NM, Ames Airport CA, Clothier Landing Field KS, Atwood Airport MA, Josephinium Airfield OH, Lovelock Airport NV, Granite State Airport NH, Keene Airport NH, K Field IA, and updates to many others.

    If you have applicable material about a former airfield, particularly pictures, please let me know. And I truly appreciate financial donations, without which the site could not continue.

    Paul Freeman

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    I've actually used the "Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields" website before, and it's a goldmine for aviation enthusiasts like myself. It's pretty cool to see what happened to those old airports and get a glimpse into their history. Meigs Field and Glendale Grand Central Air Terminal are particularly interesting.

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