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Thread: Do-17 replica blueprints ?

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    Do-17 replica blueprints ?

    Hi, all

    New to the forum, Canadian-based member here. Not a pilot, aviation enthusiast only...

    Do you guys know whether EAA's library has blueprints for the WW2 german plane D0-17. Blueprints available elsewhere ?

    Since no original plane exists for restoration in the world, we're starting a project with my brother (mechanical engineer, RC modeller) and a friend, also mechanical engineer (engines and turboprop specialist), we would go for a 25%-30% scale replica of the plane at first.

    Full-size plane would come later, once all the ifs and whens and how muchs are understood.

    Thx in advance,


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    Your question is somewhat timely. Last year the only DO-17 in existence was pulled up from the sea floor and is currently undergoing restoration at the RAF Museum in the UK. I would suggest contacting them with your query because logic dictates(at least to me) that they must be working from plans, materials and resources of some sort. This can get you started:

    Au revoir,

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    Another source might be the research library at the National Air and Space Museum.
    Chris Mayer

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