Hi all,

Coyle Schwab and I met this week for a cup of coffee and, aside from an interesting discussion of the current state of aviation as a whole, we talked at length about the TCC and how to get started on some of our agenda from AirVenture.

I wanted to start a thread for discussing what each of us sees the TCC doing from this point forward.

Some examples Coyle and I discussed -

Older certified aircraft face challenges for parts and maintenance.

Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) face challenges for what the NTSB perceives as a poor safety record in recent years.

We all face similar challenges as the pilot population changes.

I am very interested in the point of view from each of us, what we each see as challenges, and how we can work together in an effort to overcome them.

One item the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation took on as an initial challenge was transition training. We were lucky to partner with Sonex Aircraft, LLC to co-author and release a transition training syllabus.

Our vice-President also went through the process of obtaining a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) to be able do transition training in his Waiex.

What are your thoughts on the TCC and how we can work together?

blue skies
Robbie Culver
Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation