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Thread: air show frequencies

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    I'm glad I found this thread with the list of frequencies. I am planning on bringing a scanner with me to monitor radio traffic this year. Last year I used the liveatc app on my iPhone. The only problem with this is that the radio traffic is delayed some, so when you are hearing ATC tell an aircraft to "rock your wings," they are already rolling out on the runway. A little hard to stay with things if you are watching live. Not a bad app to have if you are just hanging out at your campsite though.

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    Anyone have an updated list of frequencies that we can listen to during the air show portion? Did some of the frequencies from Wrongway Feldman's Bank 2 that can be seen on page one get updated and are no longer in use? It appears that some of them are no longer active and new frequencies are being used.

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    Not sure how useful this will be (the caveat at the top indicates this list is based on past frequencies), but check out this web page.


    P.S. Zombie thread - almost 10 years! Wow!
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