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Thread: Bose v Lightspeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbrasch View Post
    Don't forget Sennheiser's....spent a lot of time at the last 2 Oshkosh's in their booth, finally bought a pair when I got my airplane flying last October, they are great!
    The all-electronic S1? That headset intrigues me greatly.

    I recently bought the U-Fly Mike to go with my Bose QC-15s, just to give it a try. It works nicely, but I'd have to put them side-by-side up against my partner's A-20s sometime. My buddy's Maule was a little bit too much for the QC-15s at a couple of points, and they just gave up and the ANR stopped working for brief periods. I'm sure the A-20s and comparable don't have that problem given what they were designed for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris In Marshfield View Post
    The all-electronic S1? That headset intrigues me greatly.

    Yes, the S1. The thing I really like about it is that it adjusts with the push of a button to current sounds in the cockpit. On take off, push the button and it compensates, then at cruise, again, or whenever. I thought it was hands down a better headset.....and very comfortable also, it can be adjusted in several positions.
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