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Thread: 2014 IAC Contest News!

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    Submitted by Douglas Lovell on Thu, 2014-08-28 00:04

    The Kathy Jaffe Challenge has run since 1999 at various places in IAC Chapter 52 territory-- first at Monticello, New York in the Catskill Mountains, then for many years at the Flying-W in Lumberton, New Jersey; one year at Hammonton in southern New Jersey; lately at South Jersey Regional, also in Lumberton, New Jersey. The Flying-W and South Jersey Regional airports are very close together. One year at the Flying-W a beginning competitor flew their Primary sequence, got completely turned around, flew the pattern and and lined up to land at South Jersey.

    Chapters 35, 52, 58 showed in force at this fifteenth annual Kathy Jaffe Challenge. Some good sports from further south, Chapters 11 and 19 showed as well.

    Best in Primary was Ron Smith. He gave away the first flight to Phillip Palmer from 52. All three Primary pilots flew the Super Decathlon.

    Sportsman had a dozen pilots. Ron Mann won the weekend with first placings on the second and third flights, after placing fourth on flight number one. Ron was the last man to step back after 52 asked for a Contest Director. Good sport that he is, he took the role and flew his Super-D in Sportsman as if he was Ron Chadwick and Paul Thomson all in one person. Chapter 58 President Blair Mohn won the first flight of Sportsman.

    Chuck Cohen won the Intermediate Known in his Extra 330. Ron Chadwick took an airline up from Arizona and flew Aaron Ham's S2C, LLC Pitts to a first place on the Unknown flight. Ron was Contest Director of the Kathy Jaffe more than ten years. At the top of Intermediate was Jim Wells with his Giles 202 and a win on the Free.

    Four pilots fought a tough battle in Advanced. Mark Stewart in his Panzl earned first on the Known. Adam Cope in his Extra 200 won first on the Free. Jason Flood kept his head together and won first on the Unknown. Jason's totals made him first overall. The point spread from first to fourth in Advanced was two-thirty-two, a little over two-and-one-half percent.

    Mike Ciliberti and John Fellenzer battled Unlimited. Mike flies the Suk-31. John flies the Giles 200. Mike flies at the national level and very close to world class. He won it all.

    The two Unlimited pilots and winner of Advanced, Jason Flood lined up for the Four Minute Freestyle at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge. The panel of eight judges rated John Fellenzer top awesome. Jason Flood was second and Mike Ciliberti third. I'm not certain, but I think this was the first time one of our clubs took advantage of our little rule that allows some Advanced competitors to join the Four Minute.

    Adam Cope, Krysta Paradis, Wes Liu, Bill Gordon, Mark Stewart, Tom Barrett, Blair Mohn, Farrell Woods, Chuck Cohen, and Ron Mann judged at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge. Most judged two or three categories. Registrar Miriam Levin joined to judge the Four Minute.

    You know, Registrar and Scorekeeper are tough jobs. We don't give enough recognition to their efforts as we should. Here's a big shout out to all of the people who help administer our three or four dozen aerobatic contests each year. Every chapter knows who they are. Give them a big smooch. Give them dinner for two. Give them a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl AND the World Series. Thank you!

    The Kathy Jaffe Challenge has one special award given in the name of Ron Chadwick, who for two decades acted as coach, mentor, leader, CD, and fun person in the chapter and always has encouraged pilots in Chapter 52 to stay with the challenge of excelling in aerobatics, get good, and move up. The Ron Chadwick Chapter Supremacy Award at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge goes to the Chapter that fields the best pilots in the highest categories. Neighboring chapters believe that it was designed to go to Chapter 52 because, since its inception, Chapter 52 has won it. This year is no exception. Mike Ciliberti, Kirill Barsukov, Mark Stewart, and (Well, how about that?) Ron Chadwick won the trophy at the fifteenth, 2014 Kathy Jaffe Challenge for Chapter 52.
    Winner recap, Kathy Jaffe Challenge, Lumberton, New Jersey

    • Primary, Ron Smith, Super-D
    • Sportsman, Ron Mann, Super-D
    • Intermediate, Jim Wells, G-202
    • Advanced, Jason Flood, Pitts S1S
    • Unlimited, Mike Ciliberti, Sukhoi 31
    • Four Minute, John Fellenzer, G-200

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    Submitted by Douglas Lovell on Wed, 2014-09-03 00:24

    Reports from the Rebel Regional at Union City, Tennessee are that it was one of the more fun and pleasurable contests in recent experience. Weather was favorable. Lots of great people showed up. There was a whole lot of flying. Food was delicious and abundant. Attitudes were upbeat, moods happy, dispositions positive. Great company was enjoyed by all. Mike Rinker Directed and Chapter 27 hosted the contest in the northwest corner of the state, near the Mississippi river and borders with Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky.

    Twenty-seven pilots competed. The biggest category was Sportsman, with lucky thirteen competitors. Instructor pilot Shiloh Dudley brought three students of the Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic School in far away Saint Augustine, Florida. Shiloh competed Sportsman along with student, Mathieu Barbin. Students Evan Vines and Henry Rollings competed in Primary. A large showing of pilots from IAC Chapter 3 based around Atlanta, Georgia participated at the Rebel.

    How many contests do you know that complete four flights of Primary? I can count one-- the four Primary category pilots at the Rebel completed four flights and what do you know? Giles Henderson won all of them in his Cassutt Racer. That is somewhat of a foregone result that doesn't require four flights to conclude; however, the experience for the group making four turns in the box was of great benefit and much appreciated by them.

    Contest Director and Unlimited pilot Mike Rinker joined three of the Primary flights and entertained all with a 1932 Curtiss-Wright B-14-B Speedwing open cockpit biplane. Only two of this particular model, with 300hp Wright R-975, nine cylinder Whirlwind engines were built. This survivor was displayed for some time at the Aerospace Museum of California in McClellan, then sold. Flying Magazine publicized the sale in the April, 2014 issue, including a nice aerial photo.

    Sportsman pilot Michael Tipton carried two seconds and a first with his Yak-55 to win. Chris Rudd won the first flight and his first competition medal. Shiloh Dudley won the third flight and overall second place with the Patty Wagstaff Flight School Super Decathlon. The Rebel had a Van's RV-4 in competition for Sportsman. Pilot William McLean flew it to a very respectable fifth place. His Sportsman free had a push out of forty-five and an inverted spin. Asked why an inverted spin, he said, "Well, it spins better inverted." Says Tom Adams, "All airplanes spin better inverted."

    Speaking of Tom, he chiefed the Intermediate and Unlimited categories and judged the rest. Tom coaches the Advanced category winner, Steve Johnson, who carried all three flights against Stan Moye. Stan kept Steve honest, giving him no room for a zero nor as much as a low scoring figure. Steve flies an MXS. Stan flies an Extra 300S.

    But we skipped Intermediate. John Wacker took all three flights of Intermediate from a field of four. He flies an Extra 300L.

    Unlimited was a battle of four pilots. Brett Hunter from Ohio beat the field on the Known and Unknown, and overall with his MXS. Steven Grohsmeyer took second on every flight. Andy Macha won the Free.

    Judges were Kenneth Hunt, Steve Johnson, Stan Moye, Liz Weaver, Thomas Hartvigsen, Tom Adams, Giles Henderson, Andy Macha, and Chris Rudd. Fred Weaver chiefed Primary, Sportsman, and Advanced.

    Contest participants got to tour the Discovery Park of America and banquet with the dinosaurs. A great wrap-up to a great weekend of fun, flying, and comraderie.

    Winner recap, Rebel Regional, Union City, Tennessee

    • Primary, Giles Henderson, Cassutt Racer
    • Sportsman, Michael Tipton, Yak 55M
    • Intermediate, John Wacker, Extra 300L
    • Advanced, Steve Johnson, MX2
    • Unlimited, Brett Hunter, MXS

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    Submitted by Douglas Lovell on Mon, 2014-09-08 22:06

    Congratulations to the 2014 IAC Open West Champions Zinnia Kilkenny, Beth Stanton, Cameron Jaxheimer, Sam Mason, and Tim Just.

    The 40th Annual Happiness is Delano in centennial late summer heat, in the Central Valley of Southern California north of Bakersfield, was a 44 competitor big contest, next to the last of the 2014 contests in California. IAC Chapter 26 hosted and Stephen de la Cruz Directed. Four Primary, nineteen Sportsman, ten Intermediate, six Advanced, and five Unlimited joined a dozen judges, staff and volunteers for the annual Delano and second IAC Open Championship West.

    IAC Judges Howard Kirker, Malcolm Pond, Tim Just, Barrett Hines, Matthew Brill, Timothy Brill, Bob Meyer, Yohei Shiratori, Dave Watson, Margo Chase, Tom Meyers, and Mike Eggen selected the Champions at Delano.

    Jake Carter flew for patch and Zinnia Kilkenny for a win in Primary, both flying Dave Watson's Super-D N59AC. Zinnia won all three flights in the field of three plus one patch. This was Zinnia's first contest. Great start!

    Beth Stanton, whom we're getting to know and love from the fun column she's writing for us in Sport Aerobatics, won, came out on top, earned the championship title for Sportsman. She started out second on the Known to Scott Malherbe. She went on to win both flights of Sportsman Free, also flying Dave Watson's Super-D. It takes a lot of coaching, practice, and talent to top a field of almost twenty Sportsman pilots. Congratulations, Beth!

    Cameron Jaxheimer came out for the first time this year, and for the first time in Intermediate to win. He won by the slimmest of possible margins, one one-hundredth of a percantage point, less than one point total ahead of Contest Director Stephen de la Cruz. Stephen won the Known, always tough. He flies an S1T experimental Pitts. Christopher Combs won the Free. He flies an Edge 540. Cameron won the Unknown. He flies an Extra 300L.

    We noted in the report about Coalinga earlier that Hiroyasu Endo was a strong contender for the Open West Champion title in Advanced. He won at Coalinga, and at the San Diego Hammerheads Roundup. He was second at the Duel in the Desert to Michael Hartenstine. Michael was also a contender. He was second at San Diego. However, as you have now read, Sam Mason won the title. This was Sam's first contest this year. Sam won every flight and overall with a margin of less than one and one-half percent. Michael Hartenstine was second and Hiroyaso Endo third in Advanced. These three top pilots all posted in the eighties. That means their average score on any figure was above eight. Pletty slick. The six competitor Advanced category was tough at Delano.

    Hiroyaso Endo now has a slim margin over Michael Hartenstine in the SouthWest Regional Series. If both show up at the Nationals, or if Michael shows up, that series Champion title is in play. A quick check of the registration system shows Michael registered.

    We're down to Unlimited. In the Southwest, Tim Just with his Extra 300S and Malcolm Pond with his Edge 540 have been trading the top spot. Howard Kirker with his Lazer 230 has been in the mix. It was the same here. Malcolm Pond won the known. Tim Just won the Free and the Unknown. Tim won overall.

    Two Unlimited pilots, Yuichi Takagi and Howard Kirker flew in front of Tom Myers, Margo Chase, and Tim Just in performance of the Four Minute Free. Judges Margo Chase and Tim Just tied the two. Judge Tom Myers favored Yuichi Takagi in what we show as a Pitts S2S. A beautifully flown beautiful biplane won the Four Minute at Delano this year.

    A big shout out to Dave Watson who does so much for his chapter, and shares so much of his love for aerobatics, and his airplanes, growing the sport one new pilot at a time. If you missed his great article in Sport Aerobatics about first time aerobatics in a glider, go back and read it. Super, much fun.

    Thanks to scorekeeper Leni Malherbe and all of our scorekeepers for tracking the thousand grades recorded by judges at these contests.

    IAC Open West Champions and category winners at Happiness is Delano, Delano, California

    • Primary, Zinnia Kilkenny, Super-D
    • Sportsman, Beth Stanton, Super-D
    • Intermediate, Cameron Jaxheimer, Extra 300L
    • Advanced, Sam Mason, Pitts S1S
    • Unlimited, Tim Just, Extra 300S

    Four Minute Free Category Winner

    Yuichi Takagi, Pitts S2S

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    The following report comes to us from Hella Comat, who competed Advanced at the contest. Take it away, Hella!

    From a 1952 Harvard to a brand new Extra 330 and with the remaining 13 aircraft in between, the Bill Thomas U.S./Canada Aerobatic Challenge illustrated the broad variety of aerobatic airplanes that participate in IAC contests. The enthusiasm was widespread too: two days before the contest, many pilots had already arrived at Olean, NY - KOLE - to familiarize themselves with the aerobatic box and get in some last minute cramming.

    From a 1952 Harvard to a brand new Extra 330 and with the remaining 13 aircraft in between, the Bill Thomas U.S./Canada Aerobatic Challenge illustrated the broad variety of aerobatic airplanes that participate in IAC contests. The enthusiasm was widespread too: two days before the contest, many pilots had already arrived at Olean, NY - KOLE - to familiarize themselves with the aerobatic box and get in some last minute cramming.
    The Cattaraugus County, Olean Airport (soon to be renamed after aerobatic legend Bill Thomas - but more about that later) is located in the wooded ski hills of western New York state. It is at an elevation of 2135 feet and the unusual high density altitude on hot practice days Thursday and Friday offered pilots the challenge of flying aerobatics at about 9000 feet!
    Generous critiquing sessions were offered by Mark Stewart, Bill Gordon, and Chuck Cohen. Thank you! This is a really invaluable contribution to the contest - although we ended up flying only one flight each, most of the pilots who were able to arrive for as many as four practice sessions agreed that the two days prior to the contest were enormously beneficial.

    In the afternoon, host Chapter 126 President Pat Barrett arranged a significant presentation to the airport. A large framed photograph of Bill Thomas and a plaque recognizing his accomplishments and contributions to IAC was presented by enthusiastic local supporter of our contest, County Legislator Joe Snyder. Bill was a 2002 IAC Hall of Fame inductee. He was a member of the 1972 U.S. Aerobatic team, winning a silver medal on the first flight in France. He wrote the well known aerobatic instruction books “Fly for Fun” and “Fly for Fun to Win.” Bill based an aerobatic school at the Olean airport. Pat Barrett is also working tirelessly to have the name of the airport acknowledge these significant contributions by including Bill Thomas in its name.
    Friday evening marked the beginning of a super gastronomic effort on the part of President Pat, his wife Cheryl, and Treasurer Rob Busch. Chicken wings, to coordinate with Chapter 126’s nickname, The Buffalo Wings, were being deep fried and soaked in contest sponsor Mammoser's Tavern’s own hot sauce as fast as they were being enjoyed. Cheryl’s homemade chili was an additional treat!
    The contest had been moved from its original dates in June to September to try to take advantage of the usually fine fall weather. No such luck! Saturday morning started with low cloud which turned into rain. Contest briefings were held every two hours, as the TAFs were encouraging. Sadly, the day passed with no flights.
    On the bright side, we had lots of time to hangar fly. Talking to other aerobatic pilots and examining their aircraft offers a wealth of valuable information. And then it’s always just plain fun to get together with people who share the passion of aerobatics.
    Then it was time for the feast to continue. All day, President Pat had been preparing turkeys for the banquet - one in a roaster and one in a smoker. Rob had prepared a fantastic selection of make-your-own-salad ingredients. And to top it all off, Cheryl’s chicken and sausage gumbo was spicy and super delicious! For lunch on both days, Rob had also prepared a wonderful buffet of salads and ‘make your own sandwiches’.

    Fortunately, Sunday dawned blue sky and sunshine. The town of Olean is deep in the valley and was shrouded in fog, but by the time we drove to the airport which sits scenically at the top of a hill, the sun had burned it all off. The Sportsmen competitors had virtually no wind and CAVU for their flights. For a short time, 2300 foot clouds from Lake Erie passed over and put a hold on flying. Then it was the Intermediate and Advanced pilots’ turn to fly.
    Since competitors came from fair distances and some had more than three hour flights to get home, the contest was declared finished by 2 pm. Only one flight was completed by all pilots.
    Dmitri Cuesta in his S-1S and Luc Martineau in his S-2C, both from Quebec, placed first and second in Sportsman. Ron Mann in his newly purchased Extra came a commendable third. Rick Volker provided the best airplane noise of the weekend in his Harvard MK 4. It was a treat to see him fly it! Eric Anderson, who came all the way from Chapter 58, scored within 6% of the winner - a close competition.

    Even though he was enduring a miserable cold all weekend, Chuck Cohen took home the first place plaque and medal for Intermediate in his beautiful new black, red, and yellow Extra 330. Chuck has been practising a lot, seeking frequent instruction and critique, and competing at many contests for the past few years. His flying shows his dedication. In second place was this year’s Harold E. Neumann Award winner Jim Wells flying his Giles G-202 and in third place was Canadian Trevor Rafferty in his self designed Javelin, which he flies in air shows as well. Wes Liu, Marc Nathanson, Bill Gordon, Neville Hogan, and Desmond Lightbody provided the usual intense, close competition that the Intermediate category always maintains. Only six per cent separated the top seven pilots.

    Mark Stewart won Advanced in his Panzl S-330, followed by Hella Comat in her Pitts S-1T.
    Many thanks to Chapter 126 volunteers Roy Berube and John Denardo who worked tirelessly to set up and take down the box markers and sighting devices and were running around helping constantly for the 4 days we were there. Roy, a retired career pilot, also doubled as the contest bugler. He played the national anthems of the two countries in the contest name each morning, called us to briefings with his trumpet, and entertained us during the nasty weather on Saturday.
    Sincere thanks to Chief Judge Carole Holyk and judges Sandy Langworthy and Chris Pulley who all drove fair distances to the contest just to help out. Volunteer Coordinator Joy McKinney and starter Pat Rebbetoy worked to keep the contest running smoothly. Lucky for Chapter 126, we have a new registrar, Pam Wende, who despite being at only her second contest, prepared meticulously and more than thoroughly to take on the role. She’s a keeper!

    Finally thanks to our sponsors, whose contributions were raffled off:

    • David Clark - headset
    • Lord - an engine mount
    • Hooker Harness - an aerobatic harness set
    • Gibson and Barnes - a flight jacker
    • Aircraft Spruce - gift certificate
    • Mammoser’s Tavern - 5 pounds of chicken wings and sauce
    • Hope Aero - a decorative propeller blade
    • Blackstone Laboratories - 2 oil analyses
    • Gene Beggs - book “Spins in the Pitts Special”

    Learn more about Chapter 126, The Buffalo Wings, at: We’re always thrilled to have new members, or just keep in touch and join us at a meeting, where yummy Buffalo wings are an honored tradition.
    See complete contest results at
    See you in Sherman and Denison Texas for the U.S. Nationals!

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    Submitted by Douglas Lovell on Tue, 2014-09-16 06:05

    We've seen Ephrata Washington earlier this year, when we wrote about the Apple Cup. It's a contest location about as far north and west as you can get in the lower forty-eight. The Fall contest at Ephrata, the Apple Turnover, had reported awesome weather. Says Contest Director Peggy Reidinger, "Not a cloud to be found the entire weekend, and the temperature was perfect."

    Jim Bourke, Jeff Hirschauer, Rochelle Oslick, John Smutny, Charlie Teeuwsen, Cheryl Bloom judged the five category contest hosted by IAC Chapter 67. Judges called from as far away as Idaho and Alberta. Peggy Reidinger and Doug Sowder served as Chief Judges.

    Peggy writes, "At least one future judge (possibly more...) completed their assistant requirements to become a regional judge. Many non-flying volunteers helped make the contest run smoothly. Some who had never seen an aerobatic contest before came to check it out, and stayed to volunteer for the entire contest! They said that they had lots of fun and will be back again for another contest, possibly as competitors. The Judges learned to what lengths the Chef Judges will go in order to protect them - thank goodness for improvised snake-killing tools out on the judges line..."

    Sean Van Hatten flew for patch and Ken Hewson won Primary flying a Canadian registered Pitts S1S.

    Sean Van Hatten won Sportsman flying a Super Decathlon. He won both free flights. Kevin DeVan won the known, also flying a Super-D.

    Jim Bourke won Intermediate flying a Super Decathlon against two Christen Eagles. He won the Free and Unknown flights. Rochelle Oslick won the Known.

    Doug Sowder won the trifecta in Advanced with his Extra 300L.

    Jason Bialek flew the Unlimited flights in a Yak 55M.

    In the Northwest Regional Series we now have Ken Hewson leading in Primary, Pat Lavielle in Sportsman, Jim Bourke Intermediate, Doug Sowder Advanced, and Jason Bialek in Unlimited.

    Thanks to scorekeeper Laurie Johnson and all of our scorekeepers for tracking the thousand grades recorded by judges at these contests.

    Category winners at Apple Turnover, Ephrata, Washington

    • Primary, Ken Hewson, Pitts S1S
    • Sportsman, Sean Van Hatten, Super-D
    • Intermediate, Jim Bourke, Super-D
    • Advanced, Doug Sowder, Extra 300L
    • Unlimited, Jason Bialek, Yak 55M

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    The US National Aerobatics Championships have concluded. The 2014 top guns are

    Sportsman Power: Paul Thomson (Decathlon)
    Sportsman Glider: Steel Shoaf (DG-1001)
    Intermediate Power: Curt Richmond (Pitts S-2B)
    Intermediate Glider: Joshua Wilson (DG-1001)
    Advanced Power: Foster Bachschmidt (Extra 300LX)
    Advanced Glider: Henry Leewenburg (DG-1001)
    Unlimited Power and US National Aerobatic Champion: Rob Holland (MXS)
    Unlimited Four Minute Freestyle Winner: Rob Holland (MXS)

    Some fun videos have been posted of the flying and socializing.

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