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Thread: 2010 Skycatcher for sale

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    2010 Skycatcher for sale

    Hello, I have a 2010 Skycatcher for sale. It has been maintained by a Cessna Service Station from the day it was purchased and has flown in a Cessna Pilot Center as a training aircraft. The only damage history it has is the ailerons were replaced due to a student deploying them when the gust locks were in place. They were replaced with factory new ailerons. Other than that all service bulletins have been complied with and due to it being a light sport it doesn't have any ADs, they are all service bulletins.

    The total time on the engine and airframe is at 1420. This aircraft has two G300 displays with the XM weather antenna. I have really got a kick out of flying this plane. It is a great trainer and has been a good little traveler as well. It is light, but it is a stable little thing! Flies like a light Cessna 152, it has the same engine, so it has a lot of get up and go to it unlike the 152. Cruise speed of 115KTS. I have it priced at $70,000.00 tell me your thoughts.

    If you are interested please let me know, and I can send you some pictures. Also, you are more than welcome to come up to Toledo Suburban Airport to come try it out for yourself.
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