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Thread: Looking for UltraCub builders

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    Looking for UltraCub builders

    I recently started building my UltraCub from Belite Aviation and I cannot find any builders on the web. I am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction, introduce me, or connect the dots to get some help.

    I started a blog with my experiences building the kit. I invite you to take a look, and post comments to add to the content. It has been challenging to deal with a vague and 80% complete manual with outdated information , so help from other builders would be greatly appreciated.

    Blog link:

    Thanks, and fair skies!

    Jim Pfarr

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    I am not an UltraCub builder but I am owner of Belite #204 which I bought (via vicarious connection) to an estate. This UL was built by Wiebe/Belite at the factory. I am interested in conversing (via this portal) with others who are flying or owning or building a Belite. After some tinkering and adjusting my #204 flew (by a local test pilot not me) on 9 Mar 2014. Of course, Wiebe/Belite had flown the airframe prior to delivery to prior owner but I had no assurance of flying in the current configuration until 9 Mar 2014. Standing by to tell you what I know and learn what you know. Tommy F

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    I to am a Belite Owner. My plane was #212, by James Weibe (and Mr. Gene) Christian, Gene's son, was a big help in getting the covering on correctly. Hopefully you have been following Jim Pfarr's build. I just discovered it and want to see if he did things differently.

    Where do you fly from??

    Steve in Springfield, MO

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    hi Steve, I am not flying myself yet. i am continuing to take lessons in a conventional airplane. I am located in Virginia (not far from Roanoke). My #204 is a trike configuration. I have just been taxi-ing around. I continue to compare suggestions and information. Some say that one can learn "ground-up" and that combined with my 25hrs of instruction would likely get me around OK. I have seen it flown and I have read James Wiebe's guidance on flying. I had an interesting brake problem in that two of the bolts (of three on the wheel) that hold the wheel-tire halves together somehow went missing and I did not catch this until after the test flights. Test pilot remarked that the brakes (heel brakes, and mtn bike cable operated disks) seemed dragging. Lucky for me (and test pilot) nothing went wrong. I found new bolts (as good a original) and installed them. Now I check those regularly. I would like to explore some larger (Tundra) tires for eventually landing on open fields (grass). tommy

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    My ultracub kit ships at the of this month. This forum interests me to no end. Thanks Jim Pfarr for your blog. the many pitfalls discovered by you will aid me greatly in my assembly. ultracub with F23 50hp engine,because I plan to put floats on it.tail dragger
    Jim,congrats on your solo

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    Hi, Tommy Foster here. Any of you guys going to AirAdventure 2014? Do you have any interest in a Belite Breakfast at my campsite?

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