New Issue of the FREE Speedi Wings & Wheels Magazine - Featuring the 50th Anniversary of Reno Air Races

It's Halloween and the October / November 2013 issue of Speedi Wings & Wheels Magazine is now out for you to enjoy over the holiday period - go to and click on the type of download you wish to view.

In this issue there's a massive 142 pages of action, including a double feature from the 50th anniversary Reno Air Race 2013.

There's also a feature on Biketoberfest 2013 from Daytona Beach, Disney Dream Cruise from Disney World in Orlando, Pin-Up Pics from a hot rod show in New Smyrna Beach, an Ercoupe Fly-in from Spruce Creek Fly-in and a visit to the UK's National Railway Museum to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the steam locomotive world speed record (which still stands today!).

Of course there's all the regular features too. There's a choice of 4 download versions depending on the viewing quality desired:: Mobile pdf - this is the standard option and should work with both the iOS and Android mobiles / tablets as well as all other computers. Flash - you will notice this is now an option direct from the main magazine page. This is the fastest loading of the magazine downloads but just like the mobile pdf it is the lowest quality available to speed up the download.. SD pdf - this is a better quality pdf download. Full HD pdf - this is the highest quality version suitable for printing - the file size is around 600 MB so a high speed connection is needed to download.

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Enjoy . . .

Happy Halloween!

The Speedi Wings & Wheels Team