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Thread: Sleepy Hollow Farm vs Scholler

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbrasch View Post
    Can you pass on who you are renting the trailer from. I have a old junker I keep stored outside down the road, but given this past winter that they have had there, not sure if the roof will still be there! Maybe Hal would volunteer to drive by Barr Storage behind the Planeview Truck stop for me and see if it is still standing! Would like to have a plan B. Thanks!
    I've rented from Von Boxtel in Green Bay before. Several other friends have rented from firms in Madison, but I don't recall thier names. There was several companies in the Fox Valley renting that have had problems the last couple of years with ownership changes, etc. You can also find private rentals on Craigslist, but that's caveat emptor. I know of both positive and negative stories, but that all depends on the character of individual you rent from.

    As it stands now, I plan on camping in HBC next to my RV-10 this year.

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    Thanks Bob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeoj View Post
    Thanks for all of the replies! Sounds like it will be Sleepy Hollow for us.

    This is the one time that my brother, myself and our Dad will be able to do this trip together and we would do whatever it takes to make this a great trip.
    Sounds like what you are doing is the exact same thing I am doing. Going to OSH with my brother and dad. Also will be staying at SH and renting a trailer.

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    I never gave it much thought that there might be someone who was "non-vintage" using the porta johns in the vintage camping area without paying extra for them. I am going to be standing guard by the Wisconsin Brats stand making sure that there are no "squatters" using something I paid extra for.

    Quote Originally Posted by rleffler View Post

    There was a thread this time last year about people camping on private property south of Scholler doing the same thing. They thought since they were EAA members and paid for show tickets, they were entitled to the Scholler facilities. They didn't understand that we also paid an additional fee per night to fund the port-o-johns and cleaning of them. The fact the EAA can only prepare for the demand/use of the folks camping in Scholler and doesn't have the capacity to service all in attendance at Airventur. If they want to pay for the cheap camping sites, let them use those facilities, wait they don't have any. They just didn't get it.

    I think it sounds very similiar to what you experienced. It suprises me at the lack of common sense and ethics of some folks. The good news is that they are in the minority at OSH and most folks do their best to get along with their temporary neighbors.

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