Virtual Oshkosh 2013 (FSX MS Flight Simulator)

Unable to fly into Oshkosh this year in Real Life. ?

If you own Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX), now you can experience Virtual Oshkosh.

Fly the "Ripon-Fiske Arrival", the "Warbird Arrival", or the ILS 36
Listen to and talk to ATC.
Fly in a Multi-Player environment, with other pilots around you, and interact with Human ATC,

For the 6th year, FSMP is hosting Virtual Oshkosh on the MS "FSX" Multiplayer Platform.

Virtual Event Friday July 26 - Sun Aug 4th 2013

see for details.

Note: This is a MS Flight Simulator "Simulation".
Any information obtained in this simulation, or on the FSMP website, should NOT be used for real world navigation, or as a substitute for real world flight training.
Any ATC provided in this simulation, is provided by non-professional, FSX Sim players, and procedures may be simplified to accommodate the limitations of the simulator.