Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let folks know that we have just launched our Indiegogo funding campaign to get our aircraft design completed and the plans out as free and open source. We will also be exhibiting at AirVenture next week and have a booth in the Aero Innovations Pavilion just across from the EAA Welcome Center. We will have the work-in-progress aircraft on display as well as other projects such as our Open Source EFIS project and other avionics.


"Our aircraft is being designed specifically for building on a computer controlled router (CNC) either at home or at a local makerspace. We will use 3D printers for non-structural components, such as throttle knobs, handles and so on as well as for tools and jigs to assist with the build process.

Our build process includes simple step-by-step build and assembly instructions, videos and animations. We use slots and tabs where we can to aid in assembly. The main building material for the first design is composite.

We have spent the past 18+ months in the design phase and have started building the prototypes and parts necessary to test and validate the concept."

This adventure started with a post in these very forums in late 2011 with a question about potentially building parts using home CNC machines. What a journey!


"Don't undertake a project unless is is manifestly important and nearly impossible. - Edwin H. Land"