I fly with a medical, but for many others there may be a need for a non medical sport type flying. But for me, that has a lot less appeal since I live at 8000 feet and if the plane has only 180 hp and fixed gear and prop it is a lot less useful and a lot less safe also'

I can and have flown my 90 hp J3 over mountain passes of 13,000 but it is a lot easier and safer and more usefull when I did it in my Mooney 201 or turbo Bonnanza.

I see no validity that one needs should be handicapped by a plane that will not climb well just because they are flying as a sport pilot and my Mooney was certainly just as easy to fly as the LSA Gobosh that I flew.

For many pilots starting out, the sport pilot--LSA route may be good, and I expect the FAA will finally take that step.