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Thread: Christen Eagle Check out

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    Christen Eagle Check out

    I am looking for an instructor qualified in a Christen Eagle, near western PA. I need an insurance check out. I have a little over 50 hours tailwheel, but it has been awhile. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I assume you're looking for an instructor who will fly with you in your Eagle until insurance requirements are met? You will of course not find an Eagle "for hire".

    I would imagine Pitts time would meet insurance requirements for an Eagle, and you can hire dual in a Pitts. Check with your insurance company. You can't do better than Bill Finagin in Annapolis.

    If you're looking for someone to fly with you in your own airplane, it's a matter of finding someone qualified and willing. Other than Bill, Brett Hunter and Stewarts Flying service in the Dayton area, and Bruce Everett in eastern PA come to mind.
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