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Thread: Modern Aircraft Association

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    I can see a common thread of building in all the areas listed.

    Vintage - restoration.
    Homebuilts - building.
    Warbirds - restoration.
    Aerobatics - restoration/building.
    Ultralight - building/restoration.

    And I equate restoration with building; replacing a rib, recovering, welding, etc. seems like it would more than a pain in the rear end than scratch building.

    To become a member of the Modern Aircraft Club only requires a checkbook. Hey, we get it - somebody bought a new C172. Good for them - really, good for them - but I don't know why they should get a ribbon for it.
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    Your point is well taken, Frank, but not very convincing, given that a LOT of the "showplanes" at the convention were built/restored by someone else, then paid for, with a check no doubt, by someone who flew it in. Most of the high rollers in the Warbirds line didn't restore their own birds, they hired it done while they were off running their businesses. That's why EAA came up with the "wrench" awards, to recognize the behind the scenes builder/restorer, but the Lindys still go to the best planes, despite who actually expended the elbow grease, talent, and dedication to get her flying.

    So, if EAA is truly going to reach out to all of our aviation community, and not just talk and write about it, they should answer Jen's email with a thoughtful response and task someone at HQ to take a thoughtful, enthusiastic look into the possibility of creating a modern division that would include spamcans and the new glass bottles. Maybe they could make Jen the first president of this new division. And Skiles could be president of the new Transport division!

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