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Thread: New Open Source Avionics Resources at MakerPlane

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    New Open Source Avionics Resources at MakerPlane


    Just a quick note that I have updated the MakerPlane website and uploaded a lot more free and open source avionics projects as well as a complete aircraft electrical system and avionics wiring schematic.

    This might be of use to homebuilders out there. The aircraft electrical schematic also includes implementation of a few of the open source avionics already in the repository. Note that these are flying in lots of aircraft already! Check out the downloads page as an entry point into the open source repository. If anyone has any projects they would like to add, let me know!

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    Thank you John! Electrical layout is always something of a "mysterious" subject for me (largely because I have thus far avoided it where possible because of being accidentally badly shocked when I was a kid) and it is one of the aspects of my design project I am not looking forward to. I keep joking that I'm just going to pay someone off to do it for me. Your project is a little more simple than my own, but any insight is greatly appreciated.
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