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Thread: De-registered Aircraft N-Number

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    De-registered Aircraft N-Number

    I was wondering if anyone has had success in securing an N-number that belongs to a de-registered aircraft. I hope to be starting an RV-10 project in the near future and I'd really like N217AW. 217AW is under a two year hold now and as per my contact with the FAA Aircraft Registry "The only way to get it out of hold is to have the previous registered owner of that number submit a request to relinquish the number to you."

    They provided no additional information or direction on how to do that. I'm still relatively close with the old owner and they already said they would do whatever they could to help me secure that N-number. I haven't heard back from the Aircraft Registry for some time now so I was wondering if anyone here has had any luck and might be able to give me some direction.

    I've tried to search around the internet to find an answer, but nothing yet.

    Thanks in advance!
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