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Thread: Tram suggestion

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    Most times I did not wait as long as in past years for a ride. However I also noticed the trams would get bunched up everyday, then you could wait for a very long time. That is the only gripe I had. Took place everyday. Sorry I have no constructive hint on how to avoid that, but it was bothersome and I ended up walking more (quicker) because of it.

    On another track was the lack of traffic control after the storm flipped the bipe on the Thunder Mustang. Every tram ended up there on one end or the other blocked because of a gaper's block and the Fire Rescue truck sitting in one lane. Again, I walked from the Replica Fighters to row 92 with out seeing a single tram as the south bunch were grouped up again down by the south 40. That little hike is right at 2 miles!
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    My kudos to the new tram configuration. My only suggestion is that the signs for the tram stops be larger and have more information. I am familiar with the system, but many people would ask if this was this or that tram and while there was a sign, it was obvious enough that people could easily see it.

    And a huge thanks to the tram conductors and engineers!

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    Good suggestion, Don; I'd like to add the idea that you have a flagpole sign (relatively high) just saying "TRAM". I was volunteering near the N40 registration booth, and time after time folks would come up and ask "where was the tram stop." I'd just point over my shoulder and say, "See that blue and white striped tent?" and the tent was about 200' from where I was standing.

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    IMHO the trams are one of the best improvements EAA has done (along with the portable toilet trailers with a/c, flush toilets, and sinks) but I'd like to see the trams run later on night airshow nights. We got tossed off the red tram at the vintage barn southbound, having been told that the tram needed to go to the staging area for the night. While walking to the Hangar Cafe and then waiting to catch the South 40 bus southbound, we saw no fewer than six other red trams that went all the way to the Hangar Cafe as they were supposed to. Then we had to wait an additional ten minutes while people went up to the South 40 school bus driver's window and chatted with him.

    The walk from the vintage barn to the Hangar Cafe isn't THAT long, but on Saturday night, after a week of walking around, it would be nice if the tram ended up where it was supposed to.

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