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    Possible New Topic

    I wonder if anyone is interested in pilot reports on new or unusual planes?
    The magazines often have such reports.
    I have recently flown a Diamond D40 and a Gobosh, and I'd like to read other pilots impressions also.
    These might be more realistic than some of the magazine ones, as it is pretty unlikely that a magazine writer is going to be too critical of the plane he is given to fly free.

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    I like the idea Bill! We have a G1000 DA40 where I work, and I do get to fly it from time to time. I'd be happy to do a write up about my thoughts on that airplane when I have some more time. I've got about 45 types in my logbook, and there are several that would be fun to write about!
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    I would like to see these, too. Flight reports are one of my favorite types of articles. Here is an opportunity for people to channel their inner Budd Davisson!

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