After 4 years and 1390 construction hours (which included partial polish and the painting) Sonex 1170 took to the air tonight, 25 June. 97 degrees at 8 PM, 3300 DA for a 700' field elevation.

I cannot believe how solid this bird was in the air. Some have noted that Sonex' might be twitchy, but I noticed none of that. Very very very solid feel; easy to control the airspeeds and pitch.

The picture below has the tail up, just moments before flight.

A few circuits around the pattern and I landed; thought I had an airspeed indication issue, but post-flight analysis of the recorded data shows it was probably OK.

Other than that, landed Code One.

Thanks to my EAA Tech Counselors Rich Raesz and Jim Putney and for the many tech support questions answered by Kerry at Sonex.

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