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Thread: General Aviation Safety Survey

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    General Aviation Safety Survey

    Hello... I am a student at Embry Riddle, and I am working on a research paper for one of my classes. I am doing research on safety in general aviation, specifically, advanced technology built into new aircraft. I am presenting this exact survey to many pilot groups, including, but not limited to: Cessna Pilot's Group, AOPA, EAA, and others. I will gladly present my final paper to those that are interested. Please use the link below to take the survey, or you can copy the survey below, and paste it into an email to me at Thanks in advance for helping me out, and please know that no names are required or needed on the survey, and no names will be included in the final paper.

    Link to survey (easiest, and confidential way to take survey)

    Confidential Survey

    General Aviation Safety

    1) Do you own or rent your primary aircraft?

    2) What make and model aircraft do you fly most often?

    3) Does your aircraft have any of the following equipment:

    Glass Cockpit:_________
    Auto Pilot:__________
    Flight Into Known Ice:__________
    XM Weather:__________
    Airframe Parachute:__________
    Synthetic Vision:__________
    Traffic Warnings:__________
    Terrain Warnings:__________
    Electronic Flight Bag:__________

    4) What ratings do you currently hold?

    5) When was your Private Pilot Certificate issued?

    6) Was your PRIMARY training done in the same type aircraft you currently fly?

    7) Were you trained in spins and spin recovery?

    8) Have you ever performed a spin and recovery as P.I.C.?

    9) Do you use any type of tablet computer in the cockpit during flights? If yes, for what purpose?

    10) Have you ever started a flight in conditions that you thought may be more than you can handle?

    11) If you fly IFR with a glass cockpit, would you be comfortable making the same flights with an all steam gauge equipped aircraft? (Think of an aircraft with basic IFR package, from pre-1990).

    12) Finally, do you feel as though you are always in complete control of the aircraft during ALL PHASES of flight? If not, why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken McQuillan View Post
    Link to survey (easiest, and confidential way to take survey)
    "This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance."
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