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    Are you in need of Insurance for your airplane. Please contact Richter insurance and Investment. We are licensed in the States of Illinois and Ohio. Very competitive rates and there are no obligations. Running quotes for potential clients is FREE! Check us out on search Richter Insurance Group

    Post a reply with any questions....

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    Aircraft Insurance

    Aviation Enthusiast!

    I sell insurance...Aircraft Insurance is essential!

    Matt Settler
    The Richter Group
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
    847-325-5995- office
    440-941-5432- ohio

    Servicing IL and OH.

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    Hello sraceyodell

    Thank You for your reply to my post.
    I look at aircraft(aviation) insurance like your auto insurance. These coverages are going to protect you while you are flying the aircraft and even when you are on the ground. It is geared specifically to the operation of any aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. There are multiple kinds of policies and coverages.

    Life Insurance will only cover YOU in the event that you pass away. Once again there are multiple kinds of policies and coverages which will outline when and if the insurance will pay out.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    Thank You

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