Powder coating has become a common finish for many non-aviation applications and a few aviation items. That probably isn't suprising, since many of us have likely seen powder coating peform well in challenging environments that would have removed other types of coatings quickly. The longevity, relatively low cost, and ease of application may be arguements for it's use, however there are a few concerns.

Once the part is put in place, say it is chipped at a later time. How is this part repaired? Is it removed, stripped, and recoated? Or is the affected area sanded and painted? My old Cessna repair manual says nothing about a powder coating as a refinishing method. Speaking generally, are repair methods limited to what the repair manual includes and what is described within AC 43.13?

Temperature may be a concern. Some aircraft parts are heat treated. It may be difficult to ascertain whether or not the common 400 degree powder coat bake will have any metalurgic effects, since we often don't have the engineering data for the part in question and most of us aren't metalurgists. How do we know for sure? For example, the Cessna Wittman type main landing gear. It would be fantastic to have the durability of a powder coat, but can we safely and legally apply powder to the MLG?

One other concern I've heard expressed is that powder coating may form such a tough, impervious and flexible membrane that the base material may be cracking or corroding, but problems are hidden by the powder coat. Is this a realistic concern?

First person experiences, peer reviewed studies, sharing of manufacturer guidance or FAA guidance would all be of interest.