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    VIRTUAL Oshkosh 2011

    For those that cannot make the trip to Oshkosh this year, you may still have the option to do so in the Virtual World. !!

    Pilots (and Controllers), Real-World, or Sim, can participate in "FSMP's VIRTUAL Oshkosh 2011".

    During the week of the airshow, FSMP is hosting 24/7, Virtual Oshkosh 2011, for the Microsoft FSX Flight Simulators.

    Full details can be found at
    You can also Watch & Listen to the Virtual activity on

    ( Required: Computer + headset, MS Flight Sim FSX, and an Internet Connection )

    Fly in or out of Virtual Oshkosh, IFR or VFR. ( weather will be simulation of the current REAL Weather)

    Fly the Rippon-Fisk VFR arrival VFR, using the same procedures as in the real world. Most of the day and evenings, there is Human Virtual ATC.

    Hear the Fisk Approach VFR controllers calling the traffic at Fisk.
    Highly detailed, FREE Photo realistic scenery is also available, to make your expereince even more realistic. Follow the Arrows on the Railway lines, from Rippon, through Fisk, to the approach at Rwy 9, or turn off at Fisk and follow Fisk Avenue to Rwy 36.

    If you have any ATC experience, you can even try your had as a Ground or Tower Controller.
    (Real world Controller (or Vatsim) always welcome, from Ground up to Approach).

    Open to pilots and controllers of all abilities, although a basic knowlege of flying under ATC is required.

    WARNING: If you fly in Virtual Oskosh 2011, you will find it very difficult to resist attending Oshkosh in 2012 !!

    Disclaimer: FSMP's "VIRTUAL Oshkosh 2011" is a simulaton for entertainment purposes only. Any procedures, frequencies or experiences in the simulation should NOT be used or relied upon to be accurate for real world aviation. Participatioin in Virtual Oshkosh 2011 should not be relied upon to be any form of substition for the real world procedures, real world training, or real world experience. NONE of the information on any FSMP webspages should be used, or used as a substition for the offical real world FAA Notams or procedures. FSMP's "VIRTUAL Oshkosh 2011" is a simulaton for entertainment purposes only.


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