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Thread: How to volunteer at EAA Airventure as an EMT?

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    How to volunteer at EAA Airventure as an EMT?

    If one was an EMT - is there any organization that takes care of the EMS at oshkosh, or is it strictly private contracted?
    Wanted to know about volunteer opportunities.


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    I believe there are both paid and volunteer medical people at AirVenture. The city of Oshkosh has EMT personnel and an ambulance on site all day every day. My wife had to visit the first aid center a few years ago and I believe the nurse she saw was a volunteer. Send your question to the address below.

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    I get the feeling that they contract out the major medical needs of airadventure.
    B2OSH offered to get a automated external defibrillator or AED for the registration building at the north 40.
    They said they could not take it, in fact, it was against policy to even give out band aids.
    So we keep it at a central location in the middle of the formation camp grounds.
    It might keep someone alive until the ambulance gets there.

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    My wife tried to volunteer as a nurse a few years back... they were real nice but said you had to have a Wisconsin license.

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    I presume it's the same way with EMTs. EMTs typically have no authority other than what is delegated by the department/state physician who is in charge of their certification. Doctors (and even nurses in some cases) are better off because their authority is a bit more autonomous.

    I had similar issues with band trips outside the state. They could take a nurse along as a first aider, but my paramedic certification wasn't any good outside the state. Mind you, 90% of the first aid any lay person could legally do, but still...

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    Mind you, 90% of the first aid any lay person could legally do, but still...
    A basic EMT is a first aider with a couple of minor skills added.

    -Steve, 15 year EMS veteran (ground and air; supervisor, instructor, etc, etc, yadda yadda yadda).
    Unfortunately in science what you believe is irrelevant.

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