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Thread: GA Camping '24 - hints/advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gomeral View Post

    My friend and I have revisited our options and have decided to head out early SATURDAY morning to try to get up there late that afternoon, so hopefully a better shot at N40. While I understand that the tower is potentially closer to the S40 (thank you, Larry!), I'm hoping to be close to the gate and to Friar Tuck's, etc. so it's not a huge event to get the teenager off site for food or a break. One way or the other, though, I'm sure it'll be fun.

    Well, mine is 13 and will be 14 at the end of the summer, maybe we can connect up there if you're going again this year and they can each make a new friend!

    Sounds like a good plan. We watched Saturday arrivals and they were stilll able to park westside N40 and wrapped toward Friar Tuck’s. Lots of mass arrivals Saturday so check the schedule for the various types. We will be at Airventure Thursday through Thursday and would be happy to meet up! PM me.
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    There's lots of good advice in this thread. I would add that I got tired of firing up the grill after a long, hot day on the grounds and now only bring breakfast bars and a bag of apples for munchies during the week. You will need a source other than onsite vendors for the first weekend. The coffee and bagels at the camp store provide a pleasant breakfast on the deck with other aviators from far and wide.
    Kidventure is a pretty cool thing. The first 1,500 kids (I believe) to get their ticket punched for all the learning stations there get a free tool kit, just for participating. Sounds pretty perfect for a young aviation junkie. Speaking of the young aviation junkie factor, do make sure to make it to the seaplane base, especially if you can be there for the watermelon social. That will require getting tickets at the SPA booth in the exhibit buildings. And then there's the helicopter tours of the grounds....

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